Adam Ginsberg Update

December 26th, 2007

Quick update and follow up to my previous post. I thought I would share a comment posted (but not approved) for this site. Due to the graphic profanity used, some key words were edited out. Only the G-rated version is shown below:

“Think you can stop me posting by stopping comments? I’m not going to give you my real name. I’m not gonna give you my email address.

I am going to &@*$# you up my friend. You know who I am. You think I cant get you &#@# in Google?

Okay buddy. See you on Google”

These comments are almost laughable.

My only suggestion is this: As you read comments about Adam Ginsberg online, you can make your own judgements.  However, be a grown up.  Act like an adult.  Don’t hide behind your computer like a coward.  If you have an issue, concern or challenge with Adam Ginsberg use the contact info as listed below and let him work with you to resolve it.

Avoid Adam Ginsberg - Read The Appalling Truth About Him

December 9th, 2007

It’s interesting that people would make posts like this on the Internet. People with nothing better to do but make up lies and tell stories of other people - people they have never done business with, never met, and have no clue what they’re talking about. Yet, they’ll make claims as if it’s fact - when the statements they are making are not even close to being accurate.Ask yourself this question…”Have you ever made a mistake”? You would think, in this day and age of blogging and technology that people forget that mistakes happen and they are part of life. Adam Ginsberg has NEVER claimed to be perfect. He’s never claimed that he hasn’t made mistakes on or offline.

As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite. What makes Adam Ginsberg such an excellent trainer - in businesses online and offline - is his ability to learn from his mistakes and then share with others what NOT to do. This in turn speeds up the learning curve of his students.

One key to your success in life - regardless of your profession or occupation - is to have a coach or mentor. You want to look for someone that has had both good and bad circumstances. You need to learn from someone that has blazed the trails before you so that this person can guide you based on real world, practical experience.

I’ve read all kinds of things on the Internet about Adam Ginsberg. Sure there are a few complaints - what business, or business person doesn’t get a few complaints. It’s usually, by the way, people who complain that post comments and not people who are satisfied. Adam Ginsberg has had more than 5,000 students work with him in the last 2 years…there’s bound to be a few that are not happy. However, to say that Adam is dishonest or does not “deserve to teach people” how to be successful is ludicrous - a comment that only a naive person would make.

Adam Ginsberg works very hard to resolve all complaints. However, it’s not possible to make 100% of the people happy 100% of the time. For example, recently there was a student who purchased Adam’s training program - which comes with a full money back guarantee after the 1st day of training (and also includes a full ONE YEAR performance guarantee as well) - who not only attended one training, but two trainings in a period of 6 months. 13 months later this person wanted a refund because they were having personal financial issues. Adam Ginsberg runs a legitimate business, but that doesn’t make it a charity. This person clearly did not qualify for a refund. Of course, they were not happy with this so they started posting comments on the Internet about Adam Ginsberg that he must be a fraud and that he’s unethical. It’s fascinating what people will say when they don’t get what they want.

There are other people who claim that Adam Ginsberg is “impossible to find”. They have a question or concern and need their issue resolved. That statement alone indicates an individual who has no sense about them.

Here are some quick results from a google search of Adam Ginsberg.

Main Website:

MySpace Page:

Support Website:

Here’s a Review Site:


For those people who prefer to speak with a live person - you can always call his office directly.

Toll Free: 888 355 7770 - (Do most businesses that set out to take advantage of people have toll free customer support numbers? Heck, companies like eBay, Amazon, YouTube and Google don’t even have toll free customer support numbers!

What’s the Appalling Truth About Adam Ginsberg? Adam started selling on eBay in 2001. He made many mistakes in his eBay selling career - at the same time he has sold millions of dollars on eBay and millions of dollars on the Internet. People claim that he had issues with eBay in 2004. You do the math - that was almost 4 years ago. Anyone who claims to know more about this situation than Adam Ginsberg is clearly lying. Just check out eBay’s privacy policies. eBay doesn’t discuss it’s members and Adam Ginsberg doesn’t publicly discuss (his students are an exception to this rule) his current eBay selling circumstances. If you want to know exactly what Adam Ginsberg is doing on eBay right now - all you have to do is attend one of his trainings.

Just recently I noticed that Adam Ginsberg must be a “bad person” because he was doing business with a coaching company in Utah that had unethical business practices. Why do people feel it necessary to talk about someone negatively when they have no working knowledge of how Adam Ginsberg does business. Adam Ginsberg created a relationship with a company in Utah, discovered this third party was unethical and immediately severed the relationship. This, too, happened several years ago.

If you really want to know more Adam Ginsberg, why not call his office and make an appointment to speak with him. If you really want to know the truth about Adam Ginsberg, why not attend one of his live Internet trainings.

I was reading a post from someone’s blog in April 2006 which said Adam’s materials are outdated. Funny - he does a live training in various cities around the world every 2-3 weeks. That’s a LIVE training with the latest tips, techniques and strategies available anywhere about how to make money on the Internet.

My goal with this blog post isn’t to make everyone happy - it’s simply to provide another viewpoint on a person that is a powerful trainer, successful entrepreneur, and talented business person. There will always be negative viewpoints about great people - unfortunately the world is filled with vindictive, unsuccessful people who feel it necessary to talk about others in an effort to take the pressure of themselves.

Unlike other websites I read, there’s nothing for sale here. No shameless plugs. No affiliate links. No bashing of competitors. The most successful people in life take the high road - it wins every time.

I have had the privilege of knowing Adam Ginsberg for more than 12 years. I have worked with him in several businesses - each one more successful than the last. My advice to anyone reading this is simple: If you have an issue or concern with Adam Ginsberg, call him and resolve it. See how he handles your specific situation. Then, based on your interactions with Adam Ginsberg, you can make your own determination of what the Truth about him is.

You really only have 2 choices: 1) You can believe what you read on the Internet OR 2) You can contact him directly, take the high road, and make the decision for yourself.

Good Luck in your Online Selling Future!